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Two new series in progress

During the production of the first episode of Mike Maverick Ace Reviewer, I have been doing some revamps of the Turnabout Gaming project.  One entitled: Turnabout Gaming TV Walkthrough Experience will be series based on gaming and walkthrough experience of gaming.  For instance: Fatal Frame 4, Zelda 1 2nd Quest, Yggdra Union, and others.

Another is a series which I have been planning for quite a while and I'm FINALLY got the chance to get to work on it.  Ace Attorney: Courtroom Legends is a retrospective of the Ace Attorney series and by God, I will also be putting alot of effort into this show.

Anyways, I have got back into video making and enjoy every single bit of it.  I dunno what stopped me from doing it, but I finally snapped out of it.  Now if I can reconstruct the Nerd Fortress Podcast...


Zyurangerfan1983 said...

About the whole reconstructing the Nerd Fortress Podcast thing, it depends on what the reconstructing is! And we are going to have to talk about it with the others on Skype which is something I'm not looking forward to however.

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