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After got the lines from Latieria and Haruko, the episode is back in production.  Lucca is still on vacation, plus I want to congratulate her on having her first child on board...It's a boy!  It's been 3 or 4 months since she announced it, soon as she return from her vacation, I will ask her if she still up for voice acting.  One line for Maya is all I need from her...Also, ever since my last camera was destroyed like a long time ago during the production of Rocket Knight Adventure review, I willing to revamp it as well since I already have the voice clips from Lucca.

Anyways, I will count that as episode 2 as well as Bamboo Blade review as episode 3 and the Tiny Toon Adventures walkthrough/review (which is still in progress) as episode 4.  Turnabout Turtles revamp review will be as episode 1, but I will work very hard on that episode. 

Back to the one I'm working on...episode 4...I have to record the Wackyland and Montana's Mansion stage all over again through my NES since the file from my last playthrough was erased.  It was a pain in the ass to go through all the procedures of getting the game footage recorded.  Now, I will be up all night getting it done and hopefully this week it will be completed without any interruptions and delays.  I might as well skip another Monday Night Raw, Monday Night Riffs, and Manime Monday on Spaceman Hardy's stream just to get some work done.


The review is nearly in completion, now all I need are the opening, the ending, and the finale to wrap up this review...This won't take long.  I will have it done this week!   I will be making a trailer for it on YouTube as well!   right now all the editing for the whole review last night, I will relax by playing some video games...as usual.  Heh. More updates for Great Justice, this is Mike Maverick.


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