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Gotta keep movin'

"My last review video is being panned on YouTube and well I've decided to go the extra mile for my future reviews. I know Doug (NC) and James (AVGN) did not become popular overnight, but I'll be lucky if I can even be half as good as them."  ~ EZ "EZ Rider" Peterson

If you want inspiration, take it from what EZ Rider said.  Not only him, but for the people who started on the lower top of the barrel on the internet reviewing cycle.  I know people will say the whole internet reviewing trend is stale and unoriginal, but so as everything. I have learned that the hard way when I started on the SRS Gamer review show in 2008, and something tells me that I shouldn't gave up so easily.  Right now, I'm mostly busy with school, trying my best to keep my grades up, (especially pulling them up to a C or B averages), trying to find a job, and mostly busy with real life problem outside the internet. Like EZ, I too have a long way to go and hopefully when I become lucky, I will attract some fans since I have some knowledge in underrated games. 

I want to introduce people to games such as Popful Mail, Ys, the Mana series, and many more.  Hell, if I want to be obscure, I might as well give out a text review on some rated "M" titles like "Pachinko Sexy Reaction" 

I'm lucky to be part of the websites such as Reviewers Unknown and the Game Toon Zone.  I'm also part of Reviewtopia (well somewhat part of it since I'm in the community reviews)  I have met new friends, re-unite with older friends (like the Gaming Pixie, Koi Kitsune, and BigAl), and became friends with a long time enemy (Spax BTW), and a friend of mine, Latieria, want to be part of my Turnabout Entertainment show, and she loves the concept and it's fun to work with her as we discuss and she help with the co-writing, Like Lucca, the voice actress of Maya Fey in my series, and come up with epic ideas along the way.

Anyways, I wanna give a special shout out to EZ Rider for finishing up "Moonrise".  Great job, and I will watch it again. 

Later days.

Last updated: November 4, 2011


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