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Ok, as a huge Ace Attorney fan, I'm not going to let this opportunity slipped by.  As you can see, the Ace Attorney movie will be in theaters for the Japanese audience on February 11, 2012.

 The year: 2016, as heinous crimes been committed, Attorneys and Prosecutors are settle their differences through the new court system, which they allow to have 3 days before the final verdict of the defendant.

Phoenix Wright, or his Japanese counterpart, Ryuichi Naruhodo (Hiroki Narimiya), is a rookie attorney who was trained by Mia Fey or in her Japanese pseudonym, Chihiro Ayasato (Rei Dan) before she was murdered. He is tackling tough cases and turning things around to prove his clients innocence within 3 days. With the assistance of Maya Fey, or Mayoi Ayasato (Mirei Kiritani), and through tougher challenges from his rival prosecutor, Miles Edgeworth, or Reiji Mitsurugi (Takumi Saito), Phoenix will find the trust within his clients and fate within the evidence to unlock the truth

According to Capcom-Unity and JEfusion, the story stays true to the game, and I hope the U.S. and other nations out there will receive the movie on DVD and Blu-Ray.


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