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About Ys and Piracy

Not all Ys fans are pirates, and this is coming from a fan of the series since the late 90s.  When I was browsing around for Ys I and II Complete translation, I came across a comment from Nightwolfe who stated that “Ys fanholes love their pirating as well as their freeloading; that's not gonna change any time soon…”  Well, if you have a problem with piracy, that’s fine when it comes to supporting games and anime, but still, targeting Ys fans all because of piracy of Ys I and II Complete is completely farfetched.  I mean, I’m not attacking the guy or anything, but not most “Ys fanholes” are not into piracy and freeloading.

Ever since 2007, I was building up my Ys collection, as well as the game I have purchased for the Virtual Console, Ys: Book I and II, and YES I have Ys III for the SNES, but I will get the Sega Genesis and the TG-CD version soon.

Those types of games have got me into the fantasy style of action RPG and other genre of RPG such as Lufia, the Tales series, and the Legend of Heroes series.   Those games gave me the satisfaction of searching more to these types of genre, especially the MMORPGs like Elsword and LaTale.

As for the piracy is concern, I don’t like piracy as much as any other person, unless there is a huge reason, for instance: the Kamen Rider Series never been released in the U.S., so they actually fan subbing it, thank you TV Nihon and JEFusion, but I don’t be too quick to judge a person or the fan base, that’s my two cents.


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