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Updates regarding my series

It appears that I have 2/4 of episode 1 completed, now I need is the narration, the voice overs from Lucca the VA, and I will be good to go. for further details regarding on episode 1.

Now for the content for season 1. Due to the SOPA is on a warpath against Megaupload due to FBI's batshit insanity, I willing to bold out the content which will symbolize the process of either it will be possible or impossible to review.

Also, I also going to do some graphic designing due to the fact I willing to get paid to do all day tomorrow.

Anyways, here are the content.

Episode List season 1

  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NES (Turnabout Turtles)
  2. Bamboo Blade (Turnabout Bamboo Beat) *completed*
  3. Rocket Knight Adventure (Rocket Knight Turnabout)
  4. Green Green (Green Turnabout)
  5. Secret of Mana (Turnabout of Mana)
  6. Wanadaba Style (Wanadaba Turnabout)
  7. Yo Noid (Turnabout Noid)
  8. Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka “Is this a Zombie” (Turnabout Zombie)
  9. Zone of the Enders (Turnabout Enders)
  10. Witchblade (Turnabout Witchblade)
  11. Top Ten voice-overs from Jamie Marchi
  12. Toradora (Tiger, Dragon, and Turnabout)
  13. Mega Man Network Transmission (Turnabout EXE)
  14. Rosario Vampire (Turnabout and Vampire)
I will keep in touch as I will entertain for great justice!


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