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Mike Maverick: Ace Reviewer is in progress! FINALLY! After a year of production hell, I am beginning to work on my web show! It will be revamped and adding a storyline onto the series. No, I'm not going to imitate what Movie-Bob is been doing for the past 10 episodes of Game Over-Thinker. Anyways, in this episode, Mike Maverick was explaining how he earn the title "Ace Reviewer" while reviewing...yeah...hence the title...Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. When I look back at the pilot I made back in 2010, it has a good concept, but not too much of it. As for the intro, I willing to revamp the intro with the new Mike Maverick logo, and starting next week, I will be starting a LiveStream schedule and TwitchTV schedule as well. With all that said, I will continue to entertain for Great Justice!


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